Gympie Anabaptist Fellowship Australia Podcast

The Gympie Anabaptist Church Podcast comprises of our Sunday Sermons and Devotionals. We trust that you will be encouraged, and blessed as you listen.


4 03, 2018

Connected Christianity

Bro. Jason explores the topic of "Christ in all and in all" From Colossians 3:11  Sermon Podcast

25 02, 2018

Patience is a virtue

This morning Tim shares about how important faith is to our Journey as Christians. Sermon Podcast

18 02, 2018

Fixing Problems God’s Way

Bro. Jason Kauffman's message this morning is from the series "Continue thou in the things which you have learned" Sermon Podcast

18 02, 2018

Trusting God

Bro. Joseph Pintilie brings us a few words of encouragement to us this morning.  "God will never disappoint you - so

11 02, 2018

Daily Struggles

Bro. Steven Black shares about some of the struggles that we face as Christians - using several very fitting military illustrations

4 02, 2018

God and Caesar

Bro. David Novic explores the relationship between church and state, and how the Christian should relate. Sermon Podcast

28 01, 2018

God Incarnate

Tim Kauffman's devotional helps us to take the event of God becoming mortal flesh (like us) more seriously. Sermon Podcast