12 03, 2017

To God be the Glory

Bro. David Continues with the series "Seek Ye the Old Ways" in this sermon on living a humble life. Sermon Podcast

5 02, 2017

The Pride of Life

Bro. David Novic is now beginning a series that deals with sin - the main root causes being, the lust of

13 11, 2016

Marriage and the Home

Bro. Jason Emphasizes the importance of going back to the basic fundamentals when it comes to marriage.  This is why Genesis

30 10, 2016

Symbols of the Christian faith

Bro. David Novic teaches about how much importance some of the symbols of the Christian faith actually carry. At the same

9 10, 2016

Ask for the Old Paths

David Novic is Back! Today's sermon is from Jeremiah Chapter 6 - specifically from verse 17. The importance of being