11 09, 2016

Worship in Heaven Part 6

Sunday afternoon Bro. Elam explains how our worship here on earth is an appetizer to how we'll worship in Heaven. Sermon

11 09, 2016

The Worship of Remembrance Part 5

Sunday Morning Bro. Elam explains how the Israelites had multiple times places and ceremonies of remembrance. He also touches on the

10 09, 2016

Worshiping God in Awe Part 2

Saturday morning Daniel Kauffman starts off the second day of Conference with a devotional on the shortness of life and importance

9 09, 2016

Lifestyle of Worship Part 1

2016/09/09 Friday Night At Last! The Gympie Anabaptist Conference is finally here. Bro. Elam Stoltzfus Explains the importance of giving more