What to Expect on a Sunday Morning:

Visiting a Church for the first time, without knowing what to expect, can seem like a daunting experience. We thoroughly enjoy having guests and therefore hope this information will help you feel at ease when you visit.

Our Sunday morning service starts at 9:30am. We endeavour to arrive between five and ten minutes early in order to enjoy some quiet moments to pray and prepare our hearts for worship. Our meeting house is a very simple building, basically a renovated shed, with the words “Chapel” on a large sign near the main door. As you enter the Chapel, you will notice a number of rows of benches. There is no reserved seating, so you are welcome sit on whichever bench is free.

The first part of our service is a time of congregational singing and prayer. We usually sing from a songbook unaccompanied by musical instruments. After singing, we invite the children to recite the Bible verses they have memorised that week. This is also an opportunity for others who have prepared scripture verses, psalms or songs to bless the congregation with these. Following this is a time of teaching, which consists of a shorter devotional message, a children’s story and the main sermon. The service can be quite long, so please feel free to use the bathroom, kitchenette and mothers’ area in the room at the back of the meeting house if you need to. We generally conclude our service with a closing prayer sometime between 11:30am and 12:00pm.

After the service we spend time chatting with one another. You are welcome to join us.


4 Tin Can Bay Rd
Gympie, QLD 4570


Sunday Service 9:30am

Thursday Bible Study 6:30pm

(2nd & 4th Thursday of Month)

Phone & Email

Jason Kauffman
Phone: 0423 568 288

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