Bro Timothy takes us through the 3 stages of charge

Having been given charge by authority (obedience)
What we do with that charge
The type of charge we
d like to see ourselves in later, such as in charge of a family, Responsibilities at church, or having charge of a business or responsibilities at work. We do this through Leadership Initiative and Responsibility.
The story of Telemachus was also shared in closing
Telemachus was given charge by God while he was praying to go to Rome. There he was sucked in by the crowds into the Coliseum. As the gladiators lined up below the emperors
seat, together they stood and yelled out:
We, who are about to die, salute you. It was the traditional
greeting of the gladiators to their emperors, and in that instant he knew exactly what he had stumbled upon.
The Bishops and leaders of the church had spoken out about the gladiator games in Rome, yet most believed it legend. In that moment, Telemachus realized it all was true. Soon the
gladiators pulled their weapons and the
bloody brawl began just a few hundred yards away from him. The grotesque nature of the sport appalled him, which made him cry out
“In the name of God, Stop this madness!”

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